Art show

When: WEDNESDAY APRIL 26th, 4:30 - 6:00pm

Students have selected their top quality and favorite projects to share at the show.  There will be several extra activities for them to enjoy like:

*a photo booth with Lion King backdrops and "We're all in this together mural"

*share a smile - take a ceramic clay smile to keep in your pocketstudents made

*school mural creation

*and lots more

All classes located **inside the school*** will display their chosen piece outside their classroom on the hall walls, and then inside their classroom students will display their beautiful portfolio, binder full of the year's work and their clay piece.

Classes located **in the mods** will display their chosen piece, portfolio, binder and clay piece ***inside*** the school as noted below. NO ACTIVITIES WILL BE HELD IN THE MODS.

4th Grade classes**(Gable, Puettman, Tully, Sterling)**will be in the cafeteria

5th Grade classes**(Do and Stricherz)** will be in the Library located on the 2nd floor