We feel there is a direct relationship between students' dress /grooming and performance. Students should be clean and appropriately dressed for school.
No apparel that advertises alcohol, smoking, drugs, harmful substances, and / or inappropriate language may be worn to school. Straps on tank tops and sundresses must be at least 2” wide. No bare midriffs or undergarments may show. Hats/caps/scarves or bandannas are not to be worn in the building by boys or girls.

Students may be sent home to change if their dress is not in accordance with these guidelines. We ask parents / adults / volunteers / visitors to be good role models for students and honor our above guidelines when on school grounds. Parents are encouraged to support their child as they develop responsible habits concerning what they wear to school.

Children should be prepared for cold or wet days for their personal comfort. The ability to stay warm and dry is a learned skill and one that is important to the conditions they must meet in a real-life situation. Most days all students will go outside on recess, so we ask that you help them come prepared. Please work with your child to develop personal responsibility in this area.